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Thursday, June 14, 2007

What You Can Do for Ron Paul Right Now

If you like Ron Paul, if you support his candidacy, then I urge you to send the below email to at least 10 people that you know. Copy and paste it into your email program...

Don't send it to just anyone... but to people who might be receptive to Dr. Paul's message of liberty and haven't gotten that message yet. Feel free to make any changes you want before sending... and of course I'm open to any comments or suggestions.

If there was ever a time to act on behalf of your beliefs... that time is now!

Cheers! And Go Ron Paul!!!

Subject: I Never Do This

Dear friends,

I would never send you an email like this if it weren’t extremely important. This letter is important. It’s about changing America for the better… But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Look, I’m writing you because I’m concerned that you might be throwing your vote away both in the presidential primaries and maybe also in the general election. I don’t want you to do that.

Chances are that you’ve heard of most all the candidates and that you’ve seen some of them on TV. But, you probably haven’t heard much about one of them… a 10-term Congressman and doctor from Texas named Ron Paul. Dr. Paul is NOT one of the front-runners, which is why I want to draw your attention to him. If you know anything about him you probably know that he’s the only one on the Republican side who voted against the Iraq War and spoke out against it from the beginning. As a matter of fact, Dr. Paul spoke out against it when it was just an idea swirling around in neoconservative think-tanks!

But that doesn’t mean that Congressman Paul is weak on defense. To the contrary, Paul believes in aggressively hunting down Osama Bin Laden (remember him?), bringing him to justice, and dismantling the Al Qaeda network from the top down.

"Ron Paul is one of the outstanding leaders fighting for a stronger national defense. As a former Air Force officer he knows well the needs of our armed forces, and always puts them first. We need to keep him fighting for our country." -Ronald Reagan

(He’s also the one candidate who’s serious about controlling our borders and enforcing existing laws.)

Unlike the Democrats who are also against the Iraq War Dr. Paul WILL put a stop to our soldiers dying in another country’s civil war. But instead of replacing the rampant spending of the war ($600Bn+) with more waste at home Dr. Paul will also cut-back on government pork and waste as he has done consistently in the Congress for over 10 years.

Paul has made some very unpopular (within his party) votes in favor of the taxpayer. (He voted against giving a gold medal to Ronald Reagan, and suggested that he and the other politicians pay for it out of their own pocket!) He is the taxpayers’ best friend. He’ll eliminate the Income Tax and phase out the nightmare bureaucracy that is the IRS! Will any other candidate do this? Absolutely not.

A lot of the politicians out there talk a good game and they look good, but the fact is that they will NOT step out of line with their parties. They will not create positive change.

That’s why a vote for any of them is a vote for the establishment, a vote to keep things the way they are. If you’re happy with that, then by all means vote that way. But to me it’s a throw away vote. Only a vote for Paul will make a difference in where this country is headed. Paul will take us back to the prosperity that our nation once enjoyed…

He’s the “Thomas Jefferson of our day”, as Judge Andrew Napolitano calls him.

He respects your liberty like no other politician in Washington.

Please take a moment to learn about Dr. Paul. Here’s an overview of his record:

He has never voted to raise taxes.
He has never voted for an unbalanced budget.
He has never voted for a federal restriction on gun ownership.
He has never voted to raise congressional pay.
He has never taken a government-paid junket.
He has never voted to increase the power of the executive branch.

He voted against the Patriot Act.
He voted against regulating the Internet.
He voted against the Iraq war.

He does not participate in the lucrative congressional pension program.
He returns a portion of his annual congressional office budget to the U.S. treasury every year.

Congressman Paul introduces numerous pieces of substantive legislation each year, probably more than any single member of Congress.

You can learn more at:

If any of this sounds good to you, then I urge you to support the Paul campaign. You, like me, may not agree with him about everything. But, he’s a good man, a man of his word… an unusual politician that you can actually feel good about supporting.

A vote for him is the only one that’s NOT a waste!


Your Concerned Friend

P.S. If you appreciated this email then please forward it to ten or more friends so we can spread the message of freedom and liberty. It’s a powerful message that is getting the attention of millions of Americans. You CAN change America, by helping to put a sensible, principled statesman into the White House!

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