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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Ron Paul on ManCow


Mr. M said...

Noticed I've been getting some traffic from you guys... Tried to find the link, but I'm stumped. Tried to find an email, but stumped there, too. Ah well.

Just wanted to thank you for the traffic. Personally, I like Ron Paul. As a devout liberal and staunch Democrat, I wanted to say that I wish you guys the best of luck, and that my assessment that you're gonna get a late uprise of support that is reflected in the polls is correct.

Not that I agree with him on most issues, but he strikes me as a man of more integrity than most of his Gopper colleagues. Also, he does embody some of those qualities of conservatism that I do respect; small government (to a degree), minimized government intrusion in personal lives. A foreign policy not hijacked by the neoconservative agenda is rather nice to see from the GOP as well.

So while we may not agree, hell, Paul being further right than most, I might agree even less than I do with what seems to pass for a Republican these days... but I imagine at least the discourse would be more civil, or, at the very least more honest.

I wish you well.


Anonymous said...

Clearchannel's "Rate the Candidates"....

Go Ron Paul! said...

Hey Mr. M,

We have constantly updating RSS feeds that may have featured an article from your site...

Thanks for the nice comments.

Let's stop these neocons...


Mr. M said...

I figured that was it, thanks! I gotta tell ya, I love watchin' your guy in the debates. He really gets it, Paul does, on foreign policy.

The rest of these candidates wax poetic over Reagan, but they seem to regularly forget that Reagan himself said we need to stay out of the middle east because we don't understand them. We don't understand their politics, and anything we try and do over there is just gonna come back and punch us in the face.

Your guy gets this. It saddens me (and please don't take offense) that he won't be taken as a serious candidate, much like Huckabee or even Kucinich or Biden. You know you got a few people out there in the field that aren't playing politics as usual and speaking the truth as they see it, andthey can't scrape together the traction they need. Even John McCain with whom I disagree on nearly everything save perhaps evolution and to a degree immigration at least stands up for what he believes in even if it means pissing off most the base.

But noooo... Who's front running your party's field? Mitt Romney who turned liberal when he ran for Governor of Mass because there was no way he could get elected otherwise, and then tried to run ARCH conservative in the presidential run because again, there was no way he was getting support from the base otherwise.

And don't get me started on Rudy. The pure political strategist in me wants Rudy to get the nomination because then, we Democrats will have a VERY easy time of it come next November.

Eh, so call me crazy... I'm a liberal who finds myself actually liking a libertarian... stranger things have happened, not many, but they have happened.