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Friday, June 15, 2007

Measures of Paul's Online Support

All totals have been gathered between 10:00 am and 10:30 am today. Here are the totals (largest number to smallest number):

1. Myspace: 31,382 Friends (official Ron Paul website)
2. Eventful: 19,681 Demands in 1,140 places
3. Youtube: 16,526 Subscribers (official Candidate Channel)
4. Facebook: 11,850 Members (student group, Congressman Ron Paul for President)
5. Meetup: 9,431 Members in 316 Groups, with 2,909 waiting for a Group
6. Facebook: 8,200 Members (official Ron Paul website)
7. Facebook: 6,707 Votes (Facebook Election Center)
8. Registry: 2,528 Supporters registered (the number is less since there are some gaps in the numbering, but it is an approximate number)
9. This Forum: 1,152 Members with 1,070 Active
10. Flickr: 120 Members

The numbers speak for themselves. We don't currently have a direct comparisons from the other candidates... but I'd wager that Paul is among the leaders...


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