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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Poor Jeff Jacoby

A recent smear on Ron Paul by wanna-be libertarian Jeff Jacoby over at the Boston Globe illustrated not only how much of an intellectual midget this Jacoby is, but also how important Paul is to this presidential race.

Jacoby groups Paul with mainstream Democrats and laments that they don't understand the gravity of "The War Against Terror" (TWAT). However, Ron Paul's security strategy is very straight-forward and sensible. The US will be much safer following a non-interventionist foreign policy wherein we foster economic growth throughout the world with trade while securing our borders at home. This is not the strategy of any mainstream Democrats and the comparison is enough to question Jacoby's senses. It makes you worry for the man... Is he able to feed and clothe himself? Hopefully, someone is looking after him. If you're worried you can email him to check if he's okay:

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